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Lets face it, CBD is a form of cannabis.  It's difficult for some to digest but cannabis, also known as marijuana, has a "higher" purpose than just getting high.  It's the THC from marijuana that gets you high.  Our products contain absolutely no THC and, therefore,  have no psycho-active properties.   CBD gained notoriety in treating seizures (specifically, in children)  but has since been found to help in many more conditions.  The most common use among our customers is pain relief and relief from anxiety.  We have customers who have experienced relief from conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, autism, epilepsy, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lymes disease, MS, PTSD, and ADHD to name a few. 

Medical marijuana research led to discovery of a previously unknown system in the body, the Endocannabinoid System .  This "ECS" is comprised of receptors all over your body including your brain, organs, tissue, nerves, and cells.  On a basic level it effects EVERY part of your body.  When these receptors are aroused by cannabinoids, the different areas of our bodies communicate more effectively with one another.  For this reason, CBD can have a beneficial effect on just about any condition.

What's the difference between oils?


The only difference between our oils is personal taste.  CBD needs some form of oil in which to dissolve in order to be administered.  Some prefer the marijuana taste of hemp oil which is very earthy and piney.  Others prefer a more familiar, subtle taste such as that found in olive oil.  Still others like the sweet taste found in our flavored oils.  Which ever you choose, it is the CBD contained in the oil that is important.

How do I use CBD?


We offer a variety of ways to take CBD other than by oil.  We have candies, chocolates and gummies but the best way to take CBD (in our opinion) is by oil.  Since CBD can break down somewhat in the digestive tract, we recommend that you place the oil under your tongue and allow it to sit for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.  CBD candies will still work but you will lose some of the CBD in digestion.


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